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From the Air over Cape Cod


Some folks drive to Cape Cod, some fly, others take a ferry when the season and weather cooperate. But what’s really fun is flying over the Cape when you’re here. I’m fortunate to have a very good friend who is a pilot. She flies airplanes, helicopters and gyroplanes. I have enjoyed many beautiful flights over the Cape and Islands with her and our flights in the GyroplaneGyroplane in FlightCape Cod Aerial View have always attracted the attention of people on land. Seeing the expressions of happy puzzlement on people’s faces as we land and take off is almost as much fun as flying itself! Everyone smiles, many ask “what is that?” And once in the air, above the beautiful curve of land that is Cape Cod, I am always grateful that this is my chosen home. It’s no wonder that so many seek to share that good fortune and find their Cape Cod homes.   

Cape Cod Quiet Time

Beach on Cape Cod

Following a very active summer season on Cape Cod, the holiday season here, while quieter, naturally, than high season, still hums with real estate Buyer interest. Property listings continue to be fewer than optimal but appropriately priced homes are attracting Offers and contracts. The holidays on the Cape present lots of opportunities to celebrate:  many restaurants and shops remain open during the season with festive events in warm, inviting venues. From art galleriesgift shops, intimate restaurants to museums, movie theaters, and community events, there is enough to fill the shorter days and longer evenings while still leaving time for quiet walks along our beautiful beaches and innumerable woodland trails. The Cape, off season, gives us all a chance to notice what we often miss during the frenzy of summer: we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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